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Interpreters work in different modes depending on the setting and the availability of interpreting equipment:

In Simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter listens to the speaker in the source language and delivers the message in the target language in real time. The interpreter speaks into a microphone and specialized interpreting equipment transmits the interpretation to the headsets of her listeners.

Because of the immense mental effort required, simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs and switch off every 30 minutes. I have a network of  trusted colleagues that I would be happy to recommend for any project requiring two interpreters.

If only one or two listeners require interpretation, the interpreters can provide Chuchotage or whispered simultaneous interpretation, sitting close to the listener and speaking in a low voice. This has the advantage of not requiring any equipment, however it is quite hard on the voice and is best suited to short meetings.

In Consecutive interpretation, the interpreter sits or stands next to the speaker and takes notes during his or her speech, delivering her interpretation in the target language when the speaker pauses. This mode of interpretation is best suited to site tours or smaller meetings where only one language is required.

I interpret both from French to English and from English to French.


Translation is the process of converting a written document from one language to another. In order to ensure the quality of my written translations, I work exclusively from French into my native English.

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